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DC Short-Circuit

DC Short-Circuit

Short circuit

To assure the safe operation of DC systems, whenever there are any changes in the system related to sources, loads, and power transmission components, a DC Short Circuit Analysis must be carried out to evaluate system conditions under a fault and assess protective device ratings. A complete short circuit calculation should provide details of fault current variations at the fault location as well as for contributing branches, from the initiation of the fault to its end. Due to the complexities involved in source behaviors and the nonlinearity characteristics of the equipment, such calculations are very extensive and therefore the maximum short circuit current is often calculated for examination of protective device ratings.

DC Short Circuit Software Key Features

  • IEEE Standard 946
  • Integrated AC & DC systems
  • Total bus and branch contribution fault currents
  • Fault current rising time
  • Battery modeling per IEEE/IEC Standard
  • Charger modeling per IEEE/IEC Standard
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