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Harmonic Analysis and Power Quality

Perform detailed harmonic analysis calculations using comprehensive harmonic models and harmonic filters.

Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis is used to identify harmonic problems, minimize nuisance trips, design and test filters, and identify potential violations of distortion limits. Detailed harmonic load flow and frequency scan calculations are performed using comprehensive harmonic models and non-integer harmonic filters. Graphical results include spectra and harmonic order plots as well as waveform plots. Harmonic model libraries are available in addition to harmonic-equation based modeling of non-linear loads.

Harmonic Load Flow

  • Based upon the IEEE 519 Standard
  • Total (THD) and Individual (IHD) distortion evaluation
  • Telephone influence factors (TIF & I*T)
  • Alert potential violations automatically
  • Voltage and Current source harmonic library

Frequency Scan

  • Frequency range is user-definable
  • Graphical identification of resonance points
  • Customizable plotting

Harmonic Filters

  • Design & Size filters
  • Test single-tuned, high-pass, & band-pass filters
  • Overloading alerts for filters
  • Inter-harmonic (non-integer) filter modeling


  • Library includes voltage & current harmonic sources
  • Library includes harmonic source magnitudes & phase angles
  • Option to specify device parameters instead of using a library
  • Harmonic order up to the 73rd order
  • Auto-adjust impedance of equipment to match harmonic frequency
  • Modeling custom phase shifting transformers
  • Test resonance shifting to less harmful frequencies
  • Identify & analyze harmonic distortion
  • Identify telephone interference levels
  • Identify potential parallel resonance conditions
  • Document magnitude & angle of bus impedance as a function of frequency
  • Alarm based upon IEEE 519 harmonic indices
  • Root Mean Square Values (RMS)
  • Voltage Arithmetic Summation (ASUM)
  • Waveform plots in time-domain
  • Spectrum plots in frequency-domain
  • Performance evaluation of harmonic filters


  • Report voltage & current harmonic distortion at each order
  • Report indices including RMS, ASUM, TIF, & I*T
  • Tabulate magnitude & angle of bus impedances
  • Output reports including potential violations
  • Graphical display of harmonic results on one-line diagrams
  • Harmonic spectra for voltage & current
  • Reports include fundamental load flow values

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