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Wind Turbine Modeling

Design and monitor wind farms in a flexible graphic interface optimized for wind power simulation and analysis.

Wind Power Generator

The Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) software modeling module allows you to do preliminary design and detailed design of commercial wind farms. Ideal for starting a wind farm and later managing the wind farm. The Wind Turbine Generator module may be used with the ETAP Real Time system to monitor live Wind Farms via an advanced graphic interface optimized for operational (steady-state) and disturbance (dynamic) simulation.

The Wind Turbine Generator module is fully integrated within the ETAP software platform. It works effectively with modules including Load Flow, Short circuit, Harmonic Analysis, STAR Protective Device Coordination, and Transient Stability. Wind variation and relay operations can be simulated. Utilize the Wind Turbine Generator module to determine the dynamic response of the individual wind turbines. ETAP’s Wind Power Generator module assists in determining alternative turbine placement, adjustment of control parameters, design and settings of protective equipment, as well as sizing of all wind farm peripheral equipment.

The ETAP Wind Power Generator module is currently being used for real-time monitoring of power exchange at the third largest wind farm in the United States.

Wind Power Generator Software

Key Features:

  • Model unlimited wind turbines (Individually or grouped)
  • Model turbine dynamics including aerodynamics & power coefficients in detail
  • Includes doubly-fed induction generators (Adjustable pitch & converter characteristics)
  • Simulate wind conditions including ramping, gusts, & noise disturbances
  • Calculate dynamic impact of wind changes on turbines
  • Setup multiple wind scenarios for predictive “what if” wind farm studies
  • Perform individual or zone-based disturbance transient stability

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