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Ground Grid & Earthing Systems

Enabling the design and analysis of ground protection. Integrate 3-D technology with one-line diagrams to visualize ground systems.

Grounding Grid Design

One-line diagrams are integrated with advanced 3-D technology, enabling engineers to design and optimize electrical ground grid systems. With full color 3-D results, engineers can visualize their ground designs and accurately determine protection and other equipment requirements.

ETAP Grounding software incorporates multiple design tools; enabling quick ground layout estimates as well as extremely detailed design. ETAP is useful for substation grounding, building grounding, 3 phase transformer grounding, and isolated field equipment grounding.

IEEE 80 & IEEE 665 Methods

  • Quick estimate of common grounding patterns
  • Built-in tool to optimize the number of conductor & rods
  • Graphical interface including 3-D views
  • Optimize number of conductors with fixed rods
  • Optimize number of conductors & rods based on cost

Finite Element Method

  • Detailed design of non-standard grid patterns
  • Full color plots (3-D) showing touch, absolute, & electrical step potential
  • Allows for multiple connected grid and irregular configurations
  • Place rods and conductors in any 3-D direction
  • Enable modeling if substation fence grounding details
  • Substation ground grid spacing is extremely flexible
  • Graphical display of over limits (color-coded)


  • Compare allowable current to conductor limits for each grid conductor
  • Compare fault current levels with allowable current limits
  • Compare voltage potentials to tolerable voltage limits
  • Automatically use short circuit results in Ground Grids
  • Model a two-layer soil configuration as well as additional surface material
  • Implement external boundary extensions for fencing
  • Adjustable person-weight and temperature options
  • User editable conductor library
  • Include reflection factor (K)
  • Include decrement factor (Df)
  • Include surface layer derating factor (Cs)
  • Display absolute, touch, & step potentials inside and outside the grid


  • Reports include a table of earth surface potentials
  • Report ground potential rise (GPR)
  • Report ground system resistance (Rg)
  • Includes 3-D touch, absolute, and step potential plots
  • Plots include color-coded contouring
  • Display of over limit voltages
  • Summary reports valuable for substation engineering examination
  • Conductor segments oriented in any 3-D direction
  • One-click output of results to Microsoft Access, Excel & Crystal Reports

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