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Load Flow & Voltage Drop

Calculate Voltage Drop & Power Losses

Efficiently Build and Evaluate System Models

Using the advanced power flow analysis, you can create and evaluate your electrical system models efficiently and effectively, providing you with accurate results. Built-in functions such as the automatic device evaluation, alarms for critical and marginal limits, a powerful results report comparison analyzer, and intelligent, user-friendly graphics make it the most reliable load flow analysis software.

ETAP load flow software provides results including comprehensive bus voltages, power factors for each branch, directional currents flows, and voltage drop calculations throughout each electrical system model. ETAP allows for multiple grid connections, detailed generator modeling, solar turbines, and induction generators for radial and mesh networks. ETAP interactively utilizes multiple calculation methods in order to calculate the best possible results.

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“Most Effective Load Flow Program”

  • AC & DC device coordination
  • Calculate Voltage Drop
  • Correction of Power Factor
  • Automatic Device Evaluation
  • Temperature Adjustment Done Automatically
  • Handles Load Tap Changers
  • Simulate Regulator Actions
  • Calculate Power Losses (Real & Reactive)
  • Automatic Limit and Violation Alarms
  • Reports Comparison Analyzer

Study Options

  • Auto-update initial conditions
  • Custom Phase-shifting for transformers
  • Automatically adjust load tap changers
  • Setup and save multiple scenarios
  • Re-run multiple studies automatically
  • Overload warnings for cables, buses, reactors
    & transformers
  • Two-way updates for loading with DC load flow
  • Calculate Voltage drop
  • Multi-level error checking (automated)


  • Create multiple sets of loading &
    generation conditions
  • User-adjustable load flow convergence
  • Simultaneously calculate three-phase & single phase systems

Load Flow Data Analyzer


  • Calculation Methods include:
    • Newton-Raphson
    • Fast decoupled
    • Accelerated Gauss Seidel
  • Isochronous or droop mode for

    Generator governors

  • Automatic Voltage Regulators
  • Mvar and Power Factor controllers for

    Generator exciters

  • Power sources can be setup as voltage

    regulated or unregulated

  • Utilize Load Flow to perform Basic

    Load forecasting

  • Utilize Diversity Factors per individual bus or entire system
  • Setup demand factors for different operating conditions
  • Efficiently calculate load flow for 20,000+ buses


  • Calculation Methods include:
  • Modern graphic user interface
  • Reports using Crystal Reports®, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc.
  • Generate output reports in multiple languages
  • Graphically annotate and color-code device evaluation results
  • Display marginal and critical alarms graphically
  • Export to AutoCAD and MicroStation

» Download Load Flow PDF

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